Promotion to CLO

Lord Gregory  Creech – CLO and Director We are pleased to announce that Lord Gregory Creech aka “Lord G Money” has been named “Chief Loan Officer ” at Coastline Crazies.  He will also serve as a member of the Board of Directors. Greg has always been there to lend a hand to the band. Sometimes … Read more

Promotion to Specialist

Billy Hinz – ACS We are pleased to announce that Billy Hinz has been named “Alcohol Consumption Specialist” at Coastline Crazies. Billy and his wife, Sherry, have been VIP members of the Coastline Crazies for the better part of the last decade. We can always count on this couple to be there when the bands … Read more

Promotion to Specialist

Tiffiney Boyette – Literary Dialect and Annunciation Specialist We are pleased to announce that Tiffiney Boyette has been named “Literary Dialect and Annunciation Specialist” at Coastline Crazies. If you are strong enough to make it to the end of the “Big Show”, you know what it means to have Tiffiney around. She has been following … Read more

New Addition to the Team

Renee Edge – Momma Edge We are pleased to announce that Renee has taken the position as ‘Momma Edge’ for the Coastline Crazies.  If you have been a member of our facebook group for any period of time, you will recognize the contributions she makes to promoting the Coastline Crazy lifestyle. She has been a … Read more

New Artist Promotion

Rhonda Miller – Professional Lip Sync Artist We are pleased to announce Rhonda Miller has joined our team as  “Professional Lip Sync Artist” for the Coastline Crazies. Rhonda claims to know all the words to all the Coastline Songs performed across the Southeastern United States by Jim Quick & Coastline. If you have booked Jim … Read more

Promotion to Coordinator

Brian Epps – Alcohol Consumption Coordinator We are pleased to announce Brian Epps has been named “Alcohol Consumption Coordinator” for the Coastline Crazies. Brian is always there for “whatever we need”. We look for him to help when the bar tab seems light and our image is in jeopardy. The Coastline Crazies always come to … Read more

Promotion to Senior Promoter

Cathy Cichowski – Senior Promoter of Swamp Soul Sounds   We are pleased to announce Cathy Cichowski has been named “Senior Promoter of Swamp Soul Sounds” for the Coastline Crazies. Cathy has been following Jim Quick & Coastline since 2005. She has done an excellent job managing the facebook group for us and we are … Read more