Coastline TIME – SOS Update

Hey Crazies! 

It is Wednesday at SOS – which means its COASTLINE TIME at Fat Harold’s Beach Club – I hope to see a lot of you today at the show. Jim and LuLu will be out front before the show with their prints and more fun stuff.  Come and get some Prints – The Chickens are loving SOS. Cousin Lulu’s Prints are available to purchase out in front of Harold’s along with the chickens.


Did you vote yet? #1 and #3 last week – Where will the songs be this week?

This week in NMB during SOS

Wednesday at Harold’s 2pm
Thursday at Galleon 8:30pm
Friday at Captain Archie’s 6:00pm
Sunday at Fat Harold’s 6:00pm

see upcoming show schedule at

Jim Quick’s Swamp Soul Show

We are getting a lot of great feedback – Thank you everyone that has tuned in, called, emailed and sent us text messges.  Keep them coming! and Keep listening. If you know someone that would like to have their company featured over 20 times per week, let them know to contact us at

Who has all 5 Chickens in Shoes?

Do you have them all? If you are  a collector and have not ordered your missing prints yet, let me know if you want to get them by contacting me at Swamp Soul. I can invoice you and put them in the mail this week.

We will have 5 special sets today at Fat Harold’s that have all 5 Chickens in Shoes with the same number, a special edition Down South T-Shirt, the Down South CD, a Jim Quick signed postcard and a chance to win  a Grand Prize Package for Labor Day Weekend Ocean Drive.  If you can’t be there today, but want one of these packages that have all 5 prints, let me know and I will tell you how to get it.




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