New Addition to the Team

Renee Edge – Momma Edge

We are pleased to announce that Renee has taken the position as ‘Momma Edge’ for the Coastline Crazies.  If you have been a member of our facebook group for any period of time, you will recognize the contributions she makes to promoting the Coastline Crazy lifestyle. She has been a member of the group since 2017. Renee is one of the top 5 Contributors this month.  If you are a friend of Renee, you know why they call her ‘Momma Edge’. Be sure to thank her for being Momma to the Masses and supporting Jim Quick & Coastline.

We ask that all Coastline Crazies follow Renee on Webtalk


Bo the Webguy
Senior VP of Digital Promotions
Coastline Crazies

2 thoughts on “New Addition to the Team”

  1. Jim and the band are the best people loving band I know. Chris and Erin Nelson & Bo the Webguy are priceless in the job they do promoting the group. Love is apparent in all they do. New and unique ideas that Jim so actively participates in with his down home, momma’s boy attitude keeps the true spirit of #coastlinecrazies #swampsoul alive and well!
    Thanks Bo! Hope to see all of you soon! Momma Edge


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