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This is a page for the Coastline Job Board Open Positions. We are currently accepting applications and referrals. If you or someone you know would be perfect for these positions with the Coastline Crazies, please use the comment form below. We will get back to you and/or the person being referred. The pay is not great. If you do a good job, I will to try convince Jim to sit down and share  a can of vienna sausages and saltine crackers with you.

Coastline Stenographer

I am in desperate need of written ( typed) Coastline song lyrics. After the “she” question, I realized it would have been great to pull up the lyrics to “She Poured it On” and count the number of times Jim actually sang “She”.  She did more things in that song than Mama did in “Mama’s Drinkin’ Liquor Again”.

Editor in Chief

I make a lot of mistake and my gramar is not perfekt, but your main task would be to help Billy Hinz. A Google search expert may also apply for this position. Please understand sarcasm and shame are sometimes unavoidable in correcting others on the different forums and social media sites.

Board of Directors

We are currently seeking out more members to add to our Coastline Crazies Board of Directors.  If you need assistance with the job requirements or just really want to be a Director of a great company ( of friends) , contact Director Huffman. She has a way of getting what she wants and can steer you in the right direction.


Update: Recent Positions Filled on the Coastline Job Board

We are excited to announce these positions have been filled recently. We welcome you to our leadership team and look forward to a great future at Coastline Crazies.

  • JQ Hostel keep – Steve P
  • Senior Promoter of the Swamp Soul Sound – Cathy C
  • Alcohol Consumption Coordinator – Brian E
  • Professional Lip Sync Artist – Rhonda M
  • Director of Schmoozing – Melanie H
  • Release Guy – Mike W
  • Member – Phillip C
  • Literary Dialect and Annunciation Specialist  – Tiffiney B
  • Director of Alcohol Consumption – Josh B
  • C.L.O. – Lord Gregory Creech
  • Alcohol Consumption Specialist – Billy H
  • Crazy – Sherry H
  • Swamp Soul Property Manager – Angela S


We are an equal opportunity employer. It is okay to be a fan of the Band of Oz, The Embers, The Entertainers, Cat 5, Rick Strickland Band, Gary Lowder & Smokin Hot, Steve Owens & Summertime, The Catalinas, Too Much Sylvia, The Holiday Band, Chairmen of the Board, and other bands currently ranking in the top 20 of the Surf Countdown wth Jay Kinlaw on 94.9 The Surf. Just know your priorities if you want a position with the Coastline Crazies.


Bo the Webguy
Senior VP of Digital Promotions
Coastline Crazies

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