Sunday Coastline Update

sunday update

Happy Sunday Friends! The Coastline tunes came in at #3 and #4 yesterday on the Surf Countdown with Mike Worley. It was a big week for BOZ fans to turn out and they moved ahead this week. There are some great songs on the chart. With my 94.9 the Surf Hat on, I want to … Read more

People Names in Coastline Songs

people names in songs

How many people names can we list that appear in Coastline Songs? In one song, “Turn Me Over“, Jim mentions Jenny, Mrs. King, Charlie, Jay, Christy, Andy and Richie. What other names have been mentioned in songs recorded by Jim Quick, Coastline, Coastline Band, or King Tyrone? Do you know what songs these people names … Read more

Promotion to CLO

Lord Gregory  Creech – CLO and Director We are pleased to announce that Lord Gregory Creech aka “Lord G Money” has been named “Chief Loan Officer ” at Coastline Crazies.  He will also serve as a member of the Board of Directors. Greg has always been there to lend a hand to the band. Sometimes … Read more

Coastline Dropped From Festival

We were informed just this morning that Jim Quick & Coastline have been removed from the Festival Line-up. If you bought a ticket because Coastline was on the show, we urge you to contact the festival promoter and demand a refund or reinstatement of your favorite band. Normally, the contract protects the artist with cancellations … Read more