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Tiffiney Boyette – Literary Dialect and Annunciation Specialist

We are pleased to announce that Tiffiney Boyette has been named “Literary Dialect and Annunciation Specialist” at Coastline Crazies. If you are strong enough to make it to the end of the “Big Show”, you know what it means to have Tiffiney around. She has been following the Coastline Boys for a number of years and is always there to show her support wearing the latest Coastline or PPO Merch. She rarely misses any shows in Eastern North Carolina.

When situations arise, Tiffiney is also there to be a block to Jim Quick. Sometimes he needs his “sister” to provide protection from unruly guests of venues that simply don’t get what it takes to be a true Coastline Crazy.  She has applied to be the JQ Bodyguard. This position is under consideration with the requirement that Greg is always close by as additional backup.

We ask that all Coastline Crazies follow Tiffiney on Webtalk


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