Promotion to Specialist

Billy Hinz – ACS

We are pleased to announce that Billy Hinz has been named “Alcohol Consumption Specialist” at Coastline Crazies. Billy and his wife, Sherry, have been VIP members of the Coastline Crazies for the better part of the last decade. We can always count on this couple to be there when the bands takes the stage. They make sure the venue’s servers stay busy.

It is good to have Billy’s experience as a resource for this crazy bunch of friends that follow the Hottest Band in the Land. It is this experience that makes him a great candidate for Head of Swamp Soul Security.  He is also being considered for our Editorial Staff.

We ask that all Coastline Crazies follow Billy on Webtalk – Click over to his profile to see the Coastline Cover Banner.


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Senior VP of Digital Promotions
Coastline Crazies

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