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Rick Kosko – Director of Hospitality and Corporate Sous Chef

We are pleased to announce that Rick Kosko aka “Ponytail Rick” has been appointed “Director of Hospitality ” at Coastline Crazies.  In addition to his duties on the Board of Directors, Rick has also been named Corporate Sous Chef, assistant to the Head Chef, Jim Quick. Rick has been following the band since 2016. He is a PROUD Member of the Coastline Crazies. Look for him at the show, he can usually be found near the Coastline Store of Love, greeting new and old Coastline Crazies as they come to buy the Hottest Swag from Hottest Band and Hottest Brand.

Rick knows how to prepare the Official Coastline Chili Dog, so hit him up for the recipe when you get a chance.

We ask that all Coastline Crazies follow Rick on Webtalk


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