Promotion to Board of Directors

Josh Brown – Director of Alcohol Consumption

We are pleased to announce that Josh Brown has been appointed to the Board of Directors. Josh will serve as “Director of Alcohol Consumption” at Coastline Crazies. For over 20 years, Josh has been following Jim Quick & Coastline at the beach. He has probably served an adult beverage to every Coastline Crazy (of age)  that has visited North Myrtle Beach in the last 20 years. You will most likely find Josh in one of two places; Captain Archie’s doing the manager thing or the beach doing the beach bum thing.

Josh will continue to serve as “Keeper of the Bear”, a most nobile task assigned to him on his last Florida trip with Jim Quick.

We ask that all Coastline Crazies follow Josh on Webtalk


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Senior VP of Digital Promotions
Coastline Crazies

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