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Hey Coastline Crazies! This is simply a resource site of links and info for those that follow Jim Quick & Coastline. It isn’t meant to be fancy. It is managed by Bo the Webguy who has been working with Jim on a whole bunch of stuff for over 20 years. We are about to launch some new stuff with the Swamp Soul Brand. Don’t Miss OUT!

Webtalk Social Media

You may have heard about webtalk. It is a new social media platform kind of like facebook, twitter and linkedin all rolled in to the one site. We are able to do some things there that we can’t do on other sites, which is why we are trying to get everyone over to that new webtalk platform. If you haven’t already, join us on Webtalk so you can keep up with news, updates and more about Coastline and Jim Quick’s Swamp Soul.

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Still on Facebook

Yes, we are still on facebook. Cathy manages the facebook group for Jim and the boys in the band. It is a good place to catch up on things if you are still using that platform. We haven’t abandoned that site, but things change over at facebook all the time. We want to make sure we are able to do some things that we can’t do over there on fb. If you are using facebook, you need to be a member of the facebook group for Coastline Crazies.

Coastline Crazies on facebook

Video Sites

If you are on youtube, please subscribe to the YouTube channel for the band if you haven’t already. We may be launching other video channels soon, but this one has some features that simply aren’t possible on facebook right now. There will be new videos posted there shortly.

Jim Quick & Coastline on YouTube

Find Merchandise at PPO

Preppy Pirate Outfitters has a ton of shirts, hats, flags and more to keep you looking good. Find the Q shirts, Official Revival Line of Apparel, Coastline, Swamp Soul, King Tyrone gear and clothing. Do you have them all?

Visit Coastline Page on Preppy Pirate

Revival Album

The latest album for Jim Quick & Coastline with all new original tunes can be purchased online. Songs from this album are topping the charts all over the Carolinas. Thanks to the DJs at the radio stations for playing our records.

Other Coastline CDs Available for sale

Most all of the past Coastline cds are available at There are some that are out of production and simply no longer available in the original format. You can find Jim Quick, Coastline, Coastline Band and King Tyrone CDs all on this site at

Coastline on 

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