Monday Coastline Update

Here is Just a QUICK Monday Coastline Update for you.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Weekend. In some parts of the world, today is a Holiday. It is back to business for most of us in the US unless you are retired or work in the beach music industry. I know there are some that are very happy to have a place to go to work. If you are looking for work in the North Myrtle Beach area… you are not looking hard enough. A lot of companies are hiring.

On Top Again this Week

The boys have the #1 and #2 songs again this week on the Surf Countdown. Jim said to tell everyone THANKS AGAIN! It is not too early to submit your vote this week.

Yesterday at Captain Archie’s

Wow! If you weren’t there, you missed a great show by the boys. The whole band was back together again and put on a killer show in front of a HUGE crowd. I tried to provide a bunch of videos on fb, but facebook was not cooperating with my phone. I know a lot of friends were posting videos during the show. Hopefully you caught some of the excitement if you missed it in person. It is great to see the guys playing again in public. Sorry North Carolina, maybe soon?

Promotions at Coastline Crazies

Check out the latest job promotions we have announced at Coastline Crazies. If you have’t figured it out yet, we are taking over a social media website called webtalk. It lets us do some things we can’t do it at other sites. I know its confusing at first, but it will get easier. More will be revealed as we get closer to the Swamp Soul stuff coming next month. Get on board and join us then add Coastline Crazies to your job experience. If you need help with webtalk, please watch the custom webtalk profile video I created for Coastline friends.

Chickens in Shoes

We launched a new website yesterday. April Fool’s is over….This isn’t a joke. Jim is painting chickens wearing shoes. You know this print would be great on the wall of a room in your house or office or warehouse, or chicken coop or …I don’t know… I just know it would look great! You can pre-order the first print today and we will make plans to get it to you. Head over to the website

Hope to see YOU soon!

Thanks for reading this update and for supporting the Hottest Band in the Land.

Bo the Webguy

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