Custom Webtalk Profile

Do you want a better custom webtalk profile? Do you want to make your profile stand out and show off your love for Jim Quick & Coastline?  Are you looking for help with images? Feel free to snag these images for your profile.


Take a look at these images to help you get started.

If you like any of these images for your custom webtalk profile, just save to your computer or your phone. Upload these images to your webtalk profile for headline cover background, profile picture and about pages.

Cover Banners for Webtalk Header

You can add a fancy image to your headline on webtalk. Here are some images you can grab if you want to use them for your cover banner.

swamp soul bg

crazies bg


Webtalk Profile Photos

Your actual real picture is much better than the default blank avatar that webtalk gives you when you sign up. Please add your personal profile pictures if you have them available. We would love to see pictures of you and Jim Quick if you want to upload them to your webtalk profiles.

If  you don’t have anything to add from your computer or phone, consider adding one of these profile images. Pick one of them that best suits you. Just save one of these to your phone or computer and upload to your webtalk profile instead of leaving the default blank image.


About Page Photos for Your Custom Webtalk Profile

The About Page gives you the ability to add pictures to your about section. Save these images to your computer or phone and upload them to your profile. Currently, webtalk will set up a slide show of these images for people visiting your profile.


reptheprep pride

Webtalk Headline Slogan Suggestion

If you don’t have something you want to promote, consider adding #SWAMPSOUL as your headline slogan. You can see it showing up on a lot of coastline crazy profiles on webtalk – click on the links at the bottom of this page for Jim, Chris and ME to see how we added it to the top of our page.

Coastline Crazies Experience

Show off that you are a member of the Coastline Crazies by adding it to your job experience on webtalk.  Make up a creative title and you just might get promoted on this website.  Look for the past promotions and new promotions coming every week.

Complete Your Custom Webtalk Profile and Tell US!

Have you added images or information about Coastline?  We want to know. click over and leave a comment on here > Proud to be a member of the Coastline Crazies

Custom Webtalk Profile Video