Hello Monday!

Good Monday Morning My Fellow Coastline Crazies!

It was a good weekend for the boys in the hottest band in the land. They played 4 times and they got back to #1 and #2 on the Surf Countdown chart. If you are on facebook, I’m sure you saw Jim Quick’s thank you post to everyone for voting this week.  Jim said let’s do it again! surfcountdown.com

Weekend Show Recap

If you were in Ocean Drive on Thursday night, you might have got a little wet if you happened to be in the horsehoe. I guarantee you saw a great show cause I was there with you. It was a packed crowd with golf carts at least 10 deep starting at Ocean Boulevard going down Main Street. The parking lot in front of the stage was full of coastline crazies. Chris the Pirate told me to tell everyone thanks for visiting the Coastline Store of Love. We sold a bunch of the new Down South Anniversary Packages which is the only way to get the “Down South in Flip Flops” print and “Down South Collection” t-shirts – did you order yours yet? click here now to get a low number print 

On Friday and Saturday, the guys played private parties. There aren’t many opportunities to book the band this year for a private party. If you are thinking about it… you might want to contact Sarah today! Book the Band

On Sunday, the guys played at Baxter’s in Greensboro. I spoke with Jim on his way back from Greensboro. He said it was incredible and to thank everyone for making it out to Baxter’s on a Sunday afternoon.

This Weekend with Coastline

Friday Night at Locals on the Water in NMB- 7pm
Saturday  – Private
Sunday – Private

The event page here at Coastline Crazies has been update with the SOS Schedule and other events. Check out Coastline Events coming up

Swamp Soul Show

The show gets better and better. Did you hear Jim Quick’s Swamp Soul Show this week?

Chicken Update

There are now 5 Chickens in Shoes Prints. Only 4 of them are available at ChickensInShoes.com. How many do you have?

Monday Comments

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6 thoughts on “Hello Monday!”

  1. As always. Quick and the boys never disappoint. Great times with my brother and the band at Baxster’s. See them again soon.

  2. Baxter’s was ? and rocking yesterday, with the music hotter than the sun. It was a nice breeze under the shade trees for the Crazies, but the stage was full fledged sun & 90°. We need some kind of sun shade on the West side of the stage for the guys, for sure. Thankfully the storm clouds held off until near the end! It was great seeing fellow Crazies I haven’t seen in a while, as well as catching up with old friends. And Jim made my day singing “Along for the Ride”…. which also made me think of Ted Bell, as he told me that was a favorite of his. Chris and the Store of Love always do a great job.. he & Erin stayed busy yesterday. And he cashed in on his hot dog bribe!
    Until next time.


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