Where have you seen Coastline?

In the past, I have seen Coastline perform in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Florida, the Bahamas and on several cruise ships in International Waters.

In 2021, I have not made it outside South Carolina yet…, but I will see them in Florida this October.

How about YOU?

Which states, countries and territories have you seen Coastline perform?

7 thoughts on “Where have you seen Coastline?”

  1. Clayton, Wendell, Lake Gaston, Emerald Isle, Atlantic Beach NC
    North Myrtle SC
    that’s just the second half of 2021. Planning to see them in Cedar Point NC next weekend.

  2. Mostly North Myrtle Beach and Myrtle Beach: Whiskey Beach, Fat Harold’s, Beach Music Festivals, Fun Sundays, Fun Mondays, Decker’s, The Shoe Center, Captain Archie’s, Locals on The Water, Main Street Concerts, OD Pavilion, Spanish Galleon, Hoto’s, Cruise to several Bahama Islands with CWB, Boom Boom’s, and at the NMB Sports Complex. Covid Jim Quick and Coastline stalking (my stress management/healthcare provider) is outdoor events at this time. Love, love, love my painting of Jim auctioned at Local’s Saturday 9/5/21. Put it up already perpendicular to a mirror so when people go upstairs, they see him coming up, and going down as well as walking down the hall. I love it!


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