Tuesday Update from Bo

Wow! The weekend was pretty great for Jim Quick & Coastline with 4 pretty GREAT Shows. The guys got back on top of the Surf Countown chart as #1 and #2. I know Jim and Casey were happy to see the coastline crazies show up this  past week to push them ahead. Its a new week, so don’t forget to vote again at surfcountdown.com.

This past Sunday – It was another epic performance at the Blue Crab Festival. Not only did the guys once again close out the Annual shindig in Little River in grand style, it was a big day for JQ as he turned 51. The weather was perfect and the Coastline Store of Love was in full swing. I think Jim got like over 2000 birthday wishes on facebook. He also sold a bunch of chickens in shoes  this weekend.

Coastline Schedule this weekend

MAY 23 – SUNDAY – SELMA, NC – BEACH FEST – tickets still available.

Landfall with Coastline in Florida

If you want to go to Florida with us, we still have rooms available. Please use the form on this Jim Quick Event page to sign up and go with us in October. We are taking Mike Worley from 94.9 The Surf and the hottest band in the land, Jim Quick & Coastline.

For Fun: Rank These Songs

Rarely do you go to a coastline show and not hear these 3 songs that Coastline has been performing for decades. How would you rank them in order with #1 being your favorite of the 3 songs listed. Add your rankings for these Coastline Classics in the comments below.

  • Roadrunner ( Beep Beep Song)
  • Shoe Poured it On
  • Late at Night

9 thoughts on “Tuesday Update from Bo”

  1. 1. Late at Night
    2. She Poured it On
    3. Roadrunner
    I could have listed them all #1 – always a hard question to choose a favorite!!


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