You Joined Webtalk – Now What?

First of all, if you have recently joined webtalk through one of our profiles, thanks! There are bunch of Coastline Crazies already on the site following Jim Quick, Chris Nelson (Preppy Pirate ) and Bo Gilbert ( Bo the Webguy). We will be using the platform for a lot of cool stuff in the near future. See links at bottom of page.

If you still haven’t joined, please use this link to get started and then come back to this page for more information on how we are using it for Coastline and Swamp Soul.

We know it can be confusing and possibly overwhelming when you first join webtalk. We have put this list together to help get you started.

Getting Started on Webtalk

  • Make sure you are always logged in when you visit webtalk. You may get there by a link on facebook or email. Please login to webtalk if you get logged out by your device or computer.
  • Update your privacy and notifications by clicking here.
    • I recommend turning OFF all notifications or you could get a lot of emails. Please keep spotlight notifications ON so you don’t miss out on anything from us about Swamp Soul.   Someone shared a spotlight post with you  >>ON
  • You don’t have to follow everyone on webtalk that follows you. This site is global and there are people looking to promote a lot of things on webtalk just like they do on other sites. You can block people that don’t share your common interests.
  • Update your webtalk profile to 100%. There is a chart that shows you what you need to do when you log back on. Look for the 3 bars on the top right side of the page.
  • After updating your profile you have the option to signing up for free rewards. Please do this as soon as you can. It helps you and helps us too! We will be rewarding coastline crazies that earn a lot of points. More on this in future updates.
  • Just like linkedin, there is an upgrade feature for people that want to use webtalk to further promote their business. This is not required and you can ignore this if you simply want to follow us. You will not be required to upgrade your webtalk profile to interact with our posts and content.
  • Download the app for your phone and go mobile. The app is available for android and ios devices.

Some Things for You To Do on Webtalk

  • Add “Coastline Crazies” to your Work Experience with a creative title.  See some of the featured profiles linked at the bottom of  this page. Set your start date to when you started following the band and mark that you currently work there to show like it does on our profiles.
  • Help us Brand Swamp Soul by adding #swampsoul to your headline cover.
  • You can change your username if you don’t want to use your firstname.lastname that is set-up by default.  Use your nickname, company brand, or something fun. Jim has chosen “quick” as his username on webtalk.
  • We know online privacy is important. Nearly everything you share on webtalk can be controlled and blocked to the public.
  • Follow Other Coastline Crazies. Probably the easiest way to find others is look who Jim is following. He is trying to follow back all the Coastline Crazies that join the site and follow him. There are people following Jim that are not necessarily frinds of the band. Don’t follow them if you don’t want to see their news in your feed. Block the if you don’t want them to see your posts and comments.

More Questions?

  • Use the comment form below if you don’t want to use the message feature at webtalk. We will try to get back to you very quickly.




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