“Where” does Coastline sing about?

List city names mentioned in the lyrics of songs recorded by Jim Quick, Coastline, Coastline Band and/or King Tyrone.

List the Song Title if you know it.  You can duplicate the city name if its mentioned in more than one song.

Place Names Mentioned in Coastline Song Lyrics (couple of states and alternate names added)


Biloxi Turn Myself In
Birmingham Callin’
Broadway No Good Place to Cry
Carolina Carolina Shine
Chesapeake Bay Chesapeake Bay
Choctawhatchee Bay Angeline
Clio Turn Myself In
Daytona Beach Tiki Bar is Open
Fresno Turn Me Over
Harlem Harlem Hit Parade
Havana Angeline
Las Vegas Mama’s Drinkin’ Liquor Again ( LIVE VERSION)
Memphis Back to Memphis
Memphis Tennessee
Mississippi Mississippi Mud
Nashville Tennessee
New York City Down South
Port City Little Bit of Money
Santee Swamps of the Old Santee
Semora Goin’ Hot
Vegas Mama’s Drinkin’ Liquor Again

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  1. I always thought lower “Broadway” referred to a STREET in Nashville. Where is the city of Broadway? Just curious!!


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