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Have you seen other Coastline Crazies posting profile pictures with Jim Quick? A lot of crazies have joined us on webtalk and some are posting some great profile photos. You can update your profile with a picture from your phone camera or computer. If you have posted your profile picture with Jim or uploaded a picture of you and Jim, let us know. Download the webtalk app on google play store or webtalk on apple ios store and login to your webtalk account so you can update your profile.

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If you haven’t posted a profile picture yet, log back in to your webtlk account and get your profile to 100%. Add a profile picture, headline cover and other info needed to meet the requirements for free rewards from webtalk. In your work experience, please add Coastline Crazies with a creative title so we can help increase our exposure on the site.

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Look at Chris Nelson’s profile to see all the features available to make your profile stand out on webtalk.

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