Coastline Dropped From Festival

We were informed just this morning that Jim Quick & Coastline have been removed from the Festival Line-up. If you bought a ticket because Coastline was on the show, we urge you to contact the festival promoter and demand a refund or reinstatement of your favorite band. Normally, the contract protects the artist with cancellations this close to the event date, but apparently not in this case. No consideration or compensation has been offered as of this morning. Jim is racking his brain to find out why this decision was made with such short notice. It is frustrating to all of us that have been promoting the event on facebook, websites, email newsletters and live videos.

I think they are crazy and I don’t know what to do about it.

It appears that they are planning to replace Jim Quick & Coastline with another artist that they think better represents the city.



It looks the headline artist for this year’s festival will be “The Wiggles”. We urge you to contact the promoter and tell them this replacement will not be acceptible.


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  1. I like the ‘Wiggles’… saw them perform at the Rhubarb Cake Festival in Ninety-Six(or was it Ninety-Seven) S.C. on Feb 29, 1999…. But… honestly… this is a tragedy…. I rather see Jim wiggle… or Casey waggle…. Don’t matter much to me…. Hang in there boys… I gotcha bait….. or am I the bait???


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