Coastline Crazies Fun Stats

Since relaunching last week on March 11th, 2021, we have reached friends that follow Jim Quick & Coastline in 24 different states. It should’t surprise you to know the biggest concentration of crazies is in the Southeast.

Which of these 24 states do you think has the most Coastline Crazies?

Alabama Maryland Ohio
California Massachusetts Pennsylvania
Florida Michigan South Carolina
Georgia Mississippi Tennessee
Indiana New Jersey Virginia
Iowa New York Washington
Kansas North Carolina West Virginia
Kentucky North Dakota Wisconsin

Do you know someone in a state not listed above? Tell them about  . Let’s get to all 50 states. Maybe we can reach Wyoming. Wyoming does not like beach music, but maybe there are some Coastline Crazies there in the state.


4 thoughts on “Coastline Crazies Fun Stats”

  1. I have gone from Raleigh to Cary to Wilmington to MB to see Coastline! They never let me down. JQ is the ultimate entertainer!! He makes his fans feel like a good friend!


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