E-News for April 1st


Greetings My Coastline Crazies! It is Thursday, April 1st and the jokes are over for today. If I didn’t know Bo was doing something this morning, I would have been scared too. If you missed it, YES this post was an April Fool’s Joke. Today before Friday! Have you Voted? Vote Both Coastline Songs a … Read more

Coastline Dropped From Festival

We were informed just this morning that Jim Quick & Coastline have been removed from the Festival Line-up. If you bought a ticket because Coastline was on the show, we urge you to contact the festival promoter and demand a refund or reinstatement of your favorite band. Normally, the contract protects the artist with cancellations … Read more

Promotion to Specialist

Billy Hinz – ACS We are pleased to announce that Billy Hinz has been named “Alcohol Consumption Specialist” at Coastline Crazies. Billy and his wife, Sherry, have been VIP members of the Coastline Crazies for the better part of the last decade. We can always count on this couple to be there when the bands … Read more

Promotion to Specialist

Tiffiney Boyette – Literary Dialect and Annunciation Specialist We are pleased to announce that Tiffiney Boyette has been named “Literary Dialect and Annunciation Specialist” at Coastline Crazies. If you are strong enough to make it to the end of the “Big Show”, you know what it means to have Tiffiney around. She has been following … Read more

Cover Banner for Webtalk

Grab this image for your cover banner for webtalk as seen on the profiles of  Jim, Chris, Bo, Josh, Billy, Sherry, Melanie, Cathy, Rick, Gregory, Tiffiney, Angela, Melissa, Bunni, Brian, Darlene, Renee and more Save it to your desktop or phone. If you are not on webtalk yet.. what are you waiting for? JOIN US … Read more